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 Beginners Guide to InfernoRP

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PostSubject: Beginners Guide to InfernoRP   Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:56 pm

Welcome to InfernoRP

If you have never played DarkRP before, I recommend you check out the DarkRP guide

Chapter 1: The basics
1. Joining:
After you successfully join, following our loading screen with our delightful music, this guide will pop up. You will not be able to become certain jobs if you do not have enough play time, do not worry though, as the requirement is fairly low, depending on the job

2. Rules:
We HIGHLY suggest you read the rules to prevent you getting infracted or even worse: kicked/banned. The rules can be found at the bottom of the guide

Chapter 2: Making Money

1. Printers:
Printers are illegal, but are a good way to make quick money. To further speed up the money making, purchase VIP and get access to a donator only printer.

2. Cooking meth:
You can become a meth cook, set up a lab, and sell meth to the meth addict across from the warehouse near the PD

3. Start a shop:
With an excellent economy, you can easily flip your product and make quick money, if you sell higher than for what you bought as a gun dealer, or anything else

4. Raiding:
Raiding, the most challenging, fun, and common way to make money. Simply become a job where you are allowed to raid, advert raid, then go at it. Remember to abide by NLR.

5. Growing/Selling drugs:
You can grow weed, and buy shipments of other stuff to sell to players. Drugs give you benefits like speed or jump boosts
Chapter 3: Spending your money and enjoying your time on the server
1. Hosting in game events:
You can host parties in game, fight clubs, etc. Have fun!

2. Stockpiling:
Purchasing a large amount of guns, armor, and drugs then saving them to your inventory is a good way to be prepared, Please do not self supply though.

3. Start an organization:
You can speak to the NPC across from PD to start an organization. Press F6 to manage your organization

4. Pointshop:
You gain points by playing in the server or getting them from other players. You can spend these points on cool hats.

Chapter 4: Supporting our server

1. Donations:
Our server survives off of your donations, and you get awesome benefits if you donate. For only 5 dollars, you get a heap of cool things. For 10 you can get a custom job, or you can buy money and Inferno points

2. Becoming staff:

With a lot of incoming new players, there also comes trolls and minges, we are in need of staff. You can become staff if you apply at our forums following the format, if you are accepted you will be promoted to Trial (Mod). You cannot apply for a promotion after that, we will hand them out when I deem necessary.

Rules! (Please read before playing)

DarkRP Rules:
1. Do not break FearRP (pulling out a gun while being mugged, etc)
2. No RDM (Random Death Match)
3. Follow NLR (New Life Rule)-Forgotten everything and can't return to that place of death for 3 minutes
4. No scamming
5. Don't RDA (Random Arrest)
6. No mic spamming
7. No propminge of any kind
8. Max money that you can mug is $5,000, Max you can ask for in a kidnapping/holding items for ransom is $15,000
9. Don't drive recklessly, it is illegal and if you kill someone it can be considered CDM
10. Don't spawn a Police/SWAT/Ambulance/Taxi/Limo vehicle unless you are that job

General Rules:
1. Respect Other Players:
1. No racism, bigotry, or homophobic remarks. (Words like nigger, faggot, jew are acceptable as long as they aren't being used to offend anyone and are for humor purposes only)
2. Do not single out other players for out of character reasons (Players age, gender, race, ect.)
3. Teasing others for in character reasons is acceptable as long as everyone is having fun.
4. Do not fight for any reason in OOC.
5. Always listen to admins, and remain quiet unless requested to talk when an admin is handling a situation.
6. Do not mic spam, spam OOC or in game chat, or do anything that would otherwise disrupt roleplay interaction. Playing music over the mic, continual screaming/odd noises/being obnoxious to annoy others all counts as mic spam.

2. New Life Rule:

1. New life rule states that upon death, everything specific to your last life is forgotten. You forget who killed you, where you were and why you died. You do not forget the location of your base, members of your party/base/gang, and any interactions with others that didn't relate to your death. You can not return to the location at which you died at for 3 minutes.
2. If you were killed outside of your base, you cannot return to that location for 3 minutes. Even after 3 minutes, you cannot seek revenge on others for your own death. If you died in a raid, you cannot return at all until the raid is over and an additional 5 minutes have passed, regardless if the raid was successful or not.
3. If you were killed inside of your base by accident, you may return immediately. If you were killed inside your base during a raid, you may not return until the raid is over. Once all of the raiders have been killed, however, you may return to your base immediately and bypass the regular 3 minutes. You cannot defend your base from raiders once they have killed you, regardless of location.
4. If you must travel through the location of your death, do so briskly. Do not linger or interact with others in this area until 3 minutes have passed, even if this interaction has nothing to do with your past death.

3. Metagaming:
1. Metagaming is when you use out of character knowledge to roleplay. Do not use OOC chat to speak about in character things or vice versa.

4. Prop Abuse:
1. Do not prop climb or surf: Using props to gain access to areas otherwise unreachable is not allowed. You can use props to access areas you own, however these props must be permanent and nonfading. The origin, destination and any area in between must be owned by the player.
2. You cannot use props to accelerate travel across the map.
3. Do not prop kill: Using props to kill others, on purpose or by accident is not allowed.
4. Do not prop block: Do not use props to block off public pathways. Refer to basing rules for blocking off private pathways.
5. Do not prop spam: Do not spawn an excessive amount of props in an attempt to lag the server or trap others.

5. Raiding Rules:
1. You have to /advert raid and raid over same as mugging/kidnapping
2. Can only raid a person every 15 min same with mugging and kidnapping
3. Can not kill innocents or bystanders, just people in the building you are raiding
4. Raids last up to 5 min max

6. Basing/Building Rules:
1. Only other people that are in the same group as you or job relations, can base with you
2. You may put a "Building" sign up to protect you from raids
3. No printers or raidables while building
4. Can only have up to 3 fading doors in for your base's main entrance
5. Your fading doors must have enough space to fit 2 or more people in it
6. Keypads must have a hold length lasting at least 5 seconds
7. Doctors cannot base with criminals
8. Arms dealers may not base with criminals
9. Do not build on the street or sidewalk unless you are a government official building a checkpoint or hobo building shit on the street/sidewalk

7. Default Laws:
1. Murder is illegal.
2. Anything larger than a pistol is illegal. (This law may be altered.)
3. Drugs/money printers are illegal. (Weed may be legalized, Beer may be outlawed)
4. Trespassing is illegal.
5. Theft is illegal
6. Holding any type of gun out in public is illegal

8. Job Rules:

1. No RDA
2. No owning other buildings
3. No basing anywhere else besides PD
4. No illegal activity
5. No random weapon checking unless you have probable cause

1. You don't enforce laws. That is why you do not have a arrest/unarrest baton. You are only for protecting the Mayor/Defending PD/Assisting in raids

1. You cannot kill the rival gang for no reason unless you declare war in /advert and they accept

Hitman/Pro Assassin
1. You may only raid to kill your target, no mugging
2. If you hit was cancelled for any reason (dying, arrested, etc) you can't still kill them

Arms dealer/Any other vendor job
1. Do not self supply/Abuse your job

Radio host
1. Don't become the radio host if you don't have a functional mic

1. You cannot charge an excessive amount of money to repair cars, read the job description in the f4 menu
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Beginners Guide to InfernoRP
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